Master.dta n1mm download

Master.dta n1mm

The dta files can be used with CT, WriteLog, TRlog, SD, and others. The scp versions SCP_VERzip, All master files below contained in one zip file. latest file into the database you will be using and downloaded the latest Super Check Partial ( file prior to the contest. 1) Go to and download the latest version of the file. 2) Copy the new file into the N1MM Logger program.

VHF-Locator-Database and VHF for N1MM-Contest-Logger Software. This project is very ham radio related and dedicated to a very special aspect of. DTA call sign and exchange database into N1MM Logger History Files. how N1MM and TR-Log handle call history data and master call database data. If you see on your N1MM bandmap at the exact same frequency W6A and W6AE, you know one of those is busted. Why can't guys figure this out? I would like to.

6 days ago I have started using N1MM Logger for contest logging over the past few Ability to find calls in file in long strings of text in the RX. Second, you can select where you store your '' file on your PC. The default location is under programs in the directory where WriteLog was installed. The N1MM Logger is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. N1MM logger supports the CT−format file.