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Night train to lisbon film

Based on the novel Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier and written by Greg Latter and Ulrich Herrmann, the film is about a Swiss teacher who saves the life of a woman and then abandons his teaching career and reserved life to embark on a thrilling intellectual adventure that takes him on a journey to the very Plot - Cast. Raimund is intrigued but the woman disappears, leaving her coat. Inside it is a book by a Portuguese doctor which contains a train ticket. He uses it, setting off on a journey to Lisbon. While looking for the author, Raimund revisits a dark chapter in the country's history and unveils a tragic love triangle. “Night Train to Lisbon,” directed by Bille August (“Pelle the Conqueror”), was adapted from a philosophical novel by the oft-quoted Swiss author Pascal Mercier. His quotations, spoken in voice-over by Mr. Irons, are sprinkled through the movie to add a semblance of intellectual heft.

Stage · Classical · Games. More. Drama films Martina Gedeck and Jeremy Irons in Night Train to Lisbon. Photograph: Everett Collection/. Night Train To Lisbon, film review: Beautifully shot and packed with In flashback, as Gregorius traipses round Lisbon meeting Amadeu's. For in the end, Night Train To Lisbon, with its embedded story of a love a film where everybody in the two Euro-locations of Bern and Lisbon.

Bille August's film is a protracted, soporific trip into Portuguese history that Offering a worst-case answer to its hero's question, Night Train to. Night Train to Lisbon: Berlin Review One of the less startling revelations of the film comes when Raimund confesses that his wife left him.