Fpspread vb6 download

Fpspread vb6

Get Fpspread form sheet view Public ReadOnly Property FpSpread As FpSpread Example. This example uses the FpSpread property from the SheetView. The following table lists the standard Visual Basic properties that the fpSpread control supports. You can refer to the Visual Basic documentation for more. Discussion of topic how can I get Action event of vb6 in worldofcufflinks.com in Spread To set the maximum rows and cols of a sheet you can use FpSpread.

Discussion of topic VB6: pass in parameter fpspread in Spread for WinForms forum. Gets the cells in the client area of the active sheet in the Spread component. Discussion of topic For each row in a FpSpread grid, how to use a formula to add columns in Spread COM forum.

'Declaration Public Property DataSource As Object. 'Usage Dim instance As FpSpread Dim value As Object worldofcufflinks.comurce = value value = instance. I have a project in VB6 and now i convert it to worldofcufflinks.com this project has used control fpspread but in worldofcufflinks.com I used datagridview so I do not. 用VB 设置控件fpspread,设置代码如下,想达到,第一列17行的单元格在录入( 编辑) 时能自动换行 '设置第一. BAS,除了是 VB6 还能是什么?. I figured out with google this has todo with fpspread but I also find this should be included inside vb6. Does anyone have an idea where to look.