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› a feeling of illness after drinking too much alcohol: I had a terrible hangover the next morning. 疾病, (大量飲酒後的)宿醉,不適反應, 繼續. Not able to overcome hangover of some late night parties? Use this simple home remedies to recover instantly from hangover. Read our article and learn more on MedlinePlus: Hangover treatment.

The is-she-seriously-hungover look. No one knows how to broach the subject and ask about your night, so they just stare disapprovingly. And now the sun is rising / And now the long walk back home, back home / There's just so many faces / But no one I need to know, need to know / In the dark I. “The reality is, I'm hungover right now,” guru Ralph De La Rosa confesses at his Mindfulness . Turn Pandora to, like, a Ke$ha station.

While there is one sure way to avoid a hangover (not drinking), many of us still imbibe. And as always, end up with the worst hangovers that. "Hungover" is a song performed by Ke$ha. It serves as the seventh track on Ke$ ha's debut album Animal. Official versions Album version - , Instrumental.